Our Lake Erie season is from mid-June to late September and we are targeting WALLEYE!  The New York waters of Eastern Lake Erie 

                          have developed a reputation as a world class fishery for walleye, one of the most sought after fresh water fish for table fare.  

          It is not unusual to catch one in the 8-9 lb range and each year we will see several trophies over 10lbs!


Lake Ontario Charters-Salmon

King salmon and coho salmon are the prizes of the spring fishery on Lake Ontario.

Nothing beats the "king" for ripping off line and giving you a fight you won't soon forget!  And though not as big, the coho are a very tasty alternative!

We charter on Lake Ontario from late April through early June until we return to Lake Erie.  However, we do have the option to set you up for some great summer action on Lake Ontario too!  Ask Captain John for details.


Lake Ontario Charters-Trout

On our Lake Ontario charters from late April until early June, in addition to the great salmon fishing, you have the opportunity to catch Brown Trout, Lake Trout and Steelhead.    Typically, the early season is near shore brown trout first, then lakers and steelies.